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Nov 3, 2021

Cultivate + The Future

Cultivate + The Future

Cultivate is now closed. Thank you for your patronage over these past 5 years.

I have refunded every transaction from the past 5 days, and any remaining funds will be put towards paying off Cultivate's business expenses (largely just hardware rental, which is contracted until February 2022, and is a large % of the server's expenses). Cultivate's TOS is still in effect.

Had the community stayed, here is a list of updates that would have taken place (for those curious):

  • Cultivate Pass: Rewrote how leveling works through a playtime/challenge based pass system, would have included frequent updates to leveling content: 100% completed
  • Survival Classic Season 1 (Classic SMP with a modern twist + heavier Resource Pack integration, the spiritual successor to SB): 85% completed
  • Expansion of the Resource Pack (Cosmetics, Redesigned Menus and Chat, More Custom Tools, QOL updates including possibly an improved HUD): 40% Completed
  • Survival Red Season 6: 10% Completed