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Cultivate MC Rules

By logging into the server or using any of it's associated services, you automatically agree to these rules. You should definitely review them!

Java Edition Server Rules are available in game with /rules.
Discord Rules are available in the #rules channel. (make sure you are Verified).

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Rule 1. Griefing, Raiding, Stealing, and Scamming are not allowed.

  • Modifying builds without the build owner's permission, is considered griefing.
  • Do NOT scam, exploit or mislead players for your own benefit. Making or selling counterfeit items is not allowed.
  • Intentionally killing/harming or trapping players outside of pvp zones is not allowed.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Mute, Permanent Mute, Permanent Ban

Rule 2. No AFK Machines, Pools or use of Auto-Reconnect. Any method to avoid AFK mechanisms are not allowed.

  • Using mobile chatting apps (examples: Minechat, PickaxeChat) to AFK at a farm will result in a full reset or a temporary ban.
  • Using other accounts to your advantage (Loading farms etc) is banned.
  • AFK pools, Auto-reconnect, scripts/macros, AFK fishing farms or any other methods of AFK evasion is banned. This applies to the construction and/or use of them.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Unappealable Temporary Ban, Full Player Reset, Permanent Ban

Rule 3. Hacked Clients, Hacking, and unfair client modifications are not allowed.

  • On Cultivate, Hacking is considered to be any modification of the Minecraft client that gives you an unfair advantage. Examples: Any version of Schematica, Printer, X-Ray, and any "Hacked Client".
  • Visual Modifications that do NOT give you a gameplay advantage such as Optifine, Badlion Client, and certain Mini Maps are allowed. Certain Badlion Mods are blocked on Cultivate via Badlion's API.
  • If you have a question about which mods can be used, file a report on Discord or ask a staff member. Using any questionable mod before we confirm it is allowed, is putting you at risk of being banned.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban

Rule 4. Treat everyone with respect (Don't be an asshole).

  • Disrespecting members of the community is not allowed under any circumstances. If a player is problematic towards you, use the command /ignore or report them, if they are violating any of the rules.
  • You MUST leave claimed land when requested by any trusted claim member or Cultivate staff.
  • Drama, political/religious discussion and toxicity in any form is not allowed. Discussion of controversial topics is not allowed. "Controversial" is determined on a case-by-case basis by Cultivate Staff.
  • Keeping a positive/light-hearted atmosphere in chat is extremely preferred. Discussion of any extreme/traumatic events, is not allowed. People who have gone through these events deserve to have a voice, but a Minecraft server is not the place for this type of discussion.
  • Very new players (under 2h playtime) who violate the rules intentionally, are likely to receive permanent punishments. We believe that many people join servers simply to harass users, and we have zero tolerance for this.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Mute, Permanent Mute, Permanent Ban

Rule 5. Harassment or Trolling of any kind is not allowed.

  • Moderate swearing is allowed. However, this does not allow you to use slurs, or other such words in a harmful context.
  • On Cultivate, discrimination is considered to be unjust treatment of people based on an attribute they possess. This includes racism, sexism, and any LGBTQIA+ discrimination. Cultivate Staff will determine if an action or chat message is discriminatory if necessary.
  • Joking or discussing mental illness is not allowed in any chat. Memes that violate any of the server rules are not allowed to be quoted, discussed or referenced.

➜ Examples of what speech is not allowed: Any racial or ethnic slur, "That's gay", "You're retarded", "kms", "Kill yourself". etc.
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Mute, Permanent Mute, or Permanent Ban

Rule 6. Advertising and Spamming are not allowed.

  • Naming, advertising or having conversations about any other Minecraft servers is not allowed. This rule also applies to advertising Streams, Streaming services, and communication apps or their content. This rule also applies to recruitment for 3rd party discord servers.
  • Casually mentioning famous content creators and their content during a discussion is allowed, so long as it is not advertising.
  • On Cultivate, spam is considered the following: Excessive capital letters, flooding the chat with several small messages, spacing characters in messages, and sending random characters.

➜ 6.2 Allowed Examples: "Have you seen David Dobrik's latest video? It sucked balls.", or "Dream's latest Minecraft video was awesome!"
➜ Examples of what speech is not allowed: "T h i s", "Helloooo", "dkfjdkghdf", "Hi!!!!!!!!!", "HELLO THERE IT IS ME" or "This Sentence Is Still Spamming".
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Mute, Permanent Mute, or Permanent Ban

Rule 7. Farm Rules. Click for More Info.

  • You cannot pay for the creation of any farm/mob farm related structures. You can pay for non-farm structure creation.
  • You cannot sell or give away farms or farm components under any circumstances. Structures with farms can be sold once all farms/farm designed areas have been removed completely.
  • You are allowed to help new players with a small amount of items. Generosity is encouraged, but giving extreme/excessive amounts of items to new people ruins the gameplay experience and is not allowed.
  • You are allowed to share farms with other people. Farms can only be used by those who helped to build significant portions of them. If a conflict arises, "significant" will be determined by staff review of the area in question.
  • Paying people to construct or build anything to do with farm(s) is not allowed. You cannot sell crops that you did not harvest yourself.

➜ Builds you can pay for: Houses, Statues, Monuments, Any Non-Farm Build.
➜ Builds you cannot pay for: Farms, Mob Farms, Generators, any structure that helps money generation.
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Full Player Reset/40% Sell Penalty, Permanent Ban.

Rule 8. Abuse of Chest Shops and Auction House is not allowed.

  • Profit/Exploit Shops of any kind are not allowed. These are shops which exploit or aim to profit unfairly off of users unfairly (includes paying for crafting).
  • Paying disproportionate* amounts of money for any service or without a legitimate reason is not allowed. This includes paying people for the sole purpose of leveling up.
  • Using any method to circumvent /pay restrictions is not allowed. Any form of Gambling is also not allowed.

➜ Chest Shops can be used for Non-Farm Builds/Services, Crate Items, and regular in-game items. Everything else is prohibited.
➜ Disproportionate pricing will be determined by staff, and the current economy for an item on the server.
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Ban, Full Island Reset/40% Sell Penalty, Permanent Ban.

Rule 9. Any distribution of Donor Rank/Level Kits, Commands, Items and Perks is not allowed.

  • Donor and Rank features such as kits and commands are meant for those who purchase or receive them. They are not to be shared or sold under ANY circumstances.
  • Crate Keys cannot be sold or traded under any circumstance. You may only gift them to others without getting anything in return.
  • Replacement Crate Keys are issued in rare instances of a repeat reward. Ask a Staff Member for more info.

➜ Contact a Staff Member if you have any questions about this rule!
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Ban, Removal of Donor Rank without refund.

Rule 10. Offensive or intentionally laggy builds are not allowed.

  • Builds that violate any of the server rules can/will be removed without warning.
  • Builds that incorporate more than 50-100 mobs alive at once can be removed. Make sure when making spawner farms, that the design does not overcrowd mobs.
  • Builds that take advantage of glitches within the game or server are not allowed. Builds that demonstrably lower server TPS are prohibited.

➜ Any prohibited builds will be removed without refund of materials, and can be without any prior notice.
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban.

Rule 11. Rules apply in all parts of the server, websites and ANY associated services.

  • Discord and Forums bans CANNOT be appealed. Any abuse of these services is bannable. This rule extends to any Cultivate branded entity, including any possible future servers/media outlets.

➜ Discord Bannable OFfenses: Use of racial slurs, spamming, advertising, Staff disrespect/doxing, trolling, any extremely disruptive or abusive activity.

Rule 12. No exploiting server glitches or accessing restricted locations.

  • Report all issues so they can be fixed or noted in a timely manner. Failure to report server exploits or using them can result in punishment. Glitches and mistakes are bound to happen. Any Duplication Glitch attempts will be permanently banned, without the ability to appeal.
  • Accessing or attempting to access ANY restricted areas will result in punishment.

➜ Examples: Outside of protected server builds, Top of the Nether. If a Staff Member tells you to leave an area, you MUST DO SO.
➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban.

Rule 13. You are responsible for all activity that occurs on your account.

  • You are responsible for all action that occurs on your account(s) (This applies to all accounts connected to Cultivate), even if it is compromised.
  • Compromised accounts will only be unbanned if login information has been changed.
  • Starting January 1, 2021 we are no longer offering account transfers. Secure your accounts.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Permanent Ban of compromised accounts.

Rule 14. Any interaction in public chat MUST be in English. This does not affect private communications (messages, party chat).

  • If asked to translate any communication in a foreign language to English by a staff member, you must comply.
  • All private communications in a foreign language must still follow all server chatting/messaging rules.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Mute, Permanent Mute.

Rule 15. All Staff Decisions are Final and can only be reverted via appeal. Any action that is deemed harmful to the server by staff, is punishable.

  • Any punishment over the length of 11 hours can be appealed. Though, this does not apply to AFK evasion related punishments, which cannot be appealed.
  • Be respectful of Cultivate Staff. They have the final say on nearly every matter.
  • Warnings DO NOT have to be issued for any punishment. They are protocol, but are not required.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning, Temporary Mute, Temporary Ban, Permanent Mute, Permanent Ban

Rule 16. ALL server rules are applicable to ALL Staff members.

  • Staff members automatically agree to comply with and enforce all rules stated within this set of rules.
  • Need to report Staff Abuse? Contact Nolan on Discord PRIVATELY.
  • DO NOT out staff members that you know/think are in vanish.
  • Staff are expected to keep a professional demeanor outside of the server when in contact with any other Cultivate user. They are representatives of the server, and hiring unprofessional individuals would mean that we are directly endorsing unprofessional behavior. CULTIVATE DOES NOT ENDORSE THIS BEHAVIOR.

➜ Possible Punishments (based on severity): Warning/Discussion with Staff Member, Termination of Staff Member, Permanent Ban.

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Voice & Text Channels

  • Swearing is allowed in moderation. The use of slurs or any derogatory comments in reference to sexuality, gender, race etc. are prohibited.
  • Keep all bot commands in the proper channels. Disruptive or offensive use of any bot is prohibited.
  • Spamming and Advertising are prohibited in all parts of the Discord server (includes sending direct messages to users).


  • All content within the Discord server must be permitted via Discord's Terms and Community Guidelines. People in violation of Discord's rules will be banned instantly, without the ability to appeal.
  • Any content that is not allowed on Cultivate's Minecraft server, is also not allowed within the Discord server. This includes but is not limited to discussion of controversial topics, harassment of other users, any type of discrimination/advertising, and excessive spamming.
  • Only ping staff members in emergency situations. An "emergency" situation is anything that is extremely time sensitive. This may include spam of extreme/inappropriate content, or to notify of any unscheduled outages/attacks on the server.
  • These rules may be updated at any time without previous notice.

Violating any of these rules may lead to a kick, mute, or ban from the Discord server.

[Last Modified: 8/23/2021]